Hanhua Credit

Established in September 2008, Hanhua Credit is a core member of Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd., that is listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With a total registered capital of RMB 2.55 billion, Hanhua Credit consists of 8 micro-credit companies and 7 franchisees in cities including Chongqing, Chengdu, Tianjin, and Shenyang, providing SMEs and individuals with fast and convenient micro-credit services. Hanhua Credit is a leading micro-credit company in China in terms of service geography and paid-in capital.

For cooperation in customer finance business, please contact Mr. Liao, mobile: 1762-3239-222, E-mail: liaodong@hanhua.com

  • 2.55billion

    Registered Capital
  • 15partners

    Micro-credit companies and franchisees
  • 5

    Internet micro-credit licenses
  • 20

    Provinces and cities with service coverage

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