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Evaluation Manager

Social recruitment:Social Recruitment Full time:Full time Salary:Negotiable Number:1 Date:2019-12-20


1. Verify loan files and review project data;
2. Engage in the product development of batch and line businesses;
3. Conduct integrated analysis of loan business investigation and deliver risk assessment;
4. Issue decisive project review combined with opinions of commission members;
5. Direct and supervise business sectors to act in accordance with company rules and regulations and do appropriate preview and post-work of insurance projects to ensure business safety.
6. Coordinate in due diligence of projects;
7. Take charge of other temporary assignments.


1. Aged 28-35, with full time bachelor degree or above in economics, finance, law, statistics and other finance related fields; professional titles of mid-level or above, certified public accountants preferable;
2. Minimum three-year working experience in financial risk management or five-year experience in financial management or accounting firms, and with knowledge of the market and development of this industry;
3. Knowledge of financial management, tax revenue, finance, laws and regulations and basic mastery of expertise in related sectors;
4. Strong capabilities of logical analysis, integrated judgment and policy-making;
5. Great abilities of organization, coordination and communication, team work spirits and resistance to higher working pressure.

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