Fumin Bank

Chongqing Fumin Bank Co., Ltd. is the first private bank approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission in the central and western regions of China, as well as the first private bank established following normalized approval. Fumin Bank was jointly established by seven outstanding private enterprises in Chongqing, including Hanhua Financial Holding, Zongshen Industrial Group, Fuan Pharmaceutical, Yujiang Die Casting, Hiter Environmental Protection, Taoranju and Born Technologies, with a registered capital of RMB 3 billion.

Fumin Bank takes “Support micro businesses and start-ups, make the people and the nation prosper" as the corporate mission, and puts itself in the position of serving SMEs, serving innovation and entrepreneurship, and serving disadvantaged groups in finance.

Fumin Bank is committed to adopting revolutionary innovative technologies and brand-new financial concepts to reshape China's inclusive finance business model, rebuild China's inclusive finance ecosystem, and guide more social funds, resources and wisdom to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as impoverished groups. Fumin Bank shall offer financial services to benefit more medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, and provide inclusive finance to fully help more industrious people and enable them to enjoy a confident, calm and dignified future.

Small and micro-sized banks serve SMEs to make a difference! Fumin Bank will stick to the original intention and move forward bravely, striving to establish a Chinese model for inclusive finance in the world!

Corporate Culture

  • Vision

    Establish a world leading and unique enterprise in the inclusive finance ecosystem.

  • Mission

    Support micro businesses and start-ups, make the people and the nation prosper


InnovationInnovation is the soul of national progress, and the driving force that pushes Fumin people to go beyond ourselves

ReverenceThe nature of finance is credit. Fumin people will always keep reverence in mind and be reverent to risks, common knowledge, and laws

ResponsibilityFinancing SMEs is a challenging topic around the world, which requires Fumin people to be courageous and responsible when confronting difficulties and challenges

SharingThe core of the Internet is connection, and the core of connection is sharing. Fumin people are committed to building a shared financial ecosystem and consider connection more important than possession

Strategic Objectives

Stick to the development path of "differentiation and specialization"; provide quality and convenient inclusive finance services for SMEs, the ecosystem of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and innovation and entrepreneurship; support harmonious reconstruction of the natural, social, and commercial ecosystems with functional finance; build a better society. Allow all market players and clients to benefit from financial services.