Hanhua Financial Holding donated RMB 5 million and unveiled a series of measures to support SMEs

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On February 4, Hanhua Financial Holding and its affiliated institutions donated RMB 3 million through the help of Chongqing Charity Federation and other charitable organizations, especially for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in Chongqing, Wuhan and other provinces and cities in China. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hanhua Financial Holding and Chongqing Fumin Bank, a bank affiliated to Hanhua Financial Holding, have donated RMB 5 million to support the epidemic prevention and control.

As a leading private enterprise providing inclusive finance in China, Hanhua Financial Holding has always regarded "kindness" as the primary standard for the organization and employees, and insisted on taking root in the real economy and serving small, medium and micro enterprises. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Hanhua Financial Holding immediately set up the epidemic prevention leading group headed by Zhang Guoxiang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board, to coordinate and deploy the work relating to epidemic prevention and control. The party committee of the Company issued the Notice on Resolutely Implementing the Directives of General Secretary Xi Jinping and Devoting All Efforts to Battle against the Outbreak which announced that all party and youth league organizations and party members should stay true to our aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. Hanhua Financial Holding will unite and lead the employees to firmly implement the decisions and arrangements made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control so as to win this battle against the outbreak with inclusive finance.

"The outbreak should be taken as command as well as responsibility". In consideration of the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises in work resumption, renewing loans and operating, Hanhua Guarantee Co., Ltd. worked together with customers to build a "fence" to support the needs of renewing loans and insurance for customers whose agreement will be due within three months. In addition, Hanhua Guarantee also actively connected with local governments to jointly put up "bulwark" to meet the emergency financing needs of drug supply enterprises, equipment production enterprises and transportation logistics companies during the epidemic prevention period, gave priority to providing a loan guarantee amount of less than RMB 20 million and appropriately reduced the guarantee conditions and charging standards. For enterprise customers affected by the epidemic, Hanhua Guarantee will reduce the guarantee rate by 40% based on the actual situation to ease the burden of enterprises and tide over the difficulties together.

There are nearly 50,000 small and micro enterprises and self-employed customers of Hanhua Microcredit. These customers are operating with small capital and have a weak anti-risk capability, so they are the "hardest hit areas" affected by the epidemic. For those who are hospitalized or isolated due to infection with COVID-19, those who need to be isolated for medical observation during the epidemic prevention and control period, and those who are participating in the epidemic prevention and control work, if they fail to repay the loans in time, resulting in loans overdue, Hanhua Microcredit promises that those people will not be included in the list of defaulting customers. Customers with default records after credit investigation due to insufficient communication for information in the early stage could file an application which will be dealt with soon. Hanhua Microcredit will open a "green channel" for customers in wholesale and retail, accommodation, catering, logistics, transportation and other industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic, as well as customers who have difficulties in repaying the loans temporarily due to delayed resumption of work, and will quickly accept their applications for extended repayment or adjustment of repayment deadline. For enterprises participating in the production and distribution of medical and healthy equipment for epidemic prevention and control as well as enterprises supplying the relief goods, Hanhua Microcredit will fully support their needs of emergency working capital and accept, approve and offer loans immediately.

During the Spring Festival, various business sectors of the Hanhua Financial Holding have actively took advantage of financial technology to start the emergency linkage mechanism by arranging on-duty personnel to realize "uninterrupted fund flow and full-time service". Based on meeting the regulatory requirements, Hanhua Financial Holding will simplify procedures as far as possible and provide 24-hour financial loan, inquiry and guarantee services through online mode to support and effectively cooperate with the isolation of the epidemic.

"Hanhua Financial Holding has been adhering to the concept of partnership finance for 15 years since its establishment. Finance is a public good. Only by serving customers, industry and society can finance be valuable and meaningful. ", Zhang Guoxiang, secretary of Hanhua Financial Holding's party committee and chairman of the board, said, "We will work side by side with our customers to deal with the challenges in the epidemic. We will give full play to the flexibility, high speed and efficiency of private financial enterprises. We will help customers reduce financing costs and resume work and production as soon as possible through innovations in products, operation modes and channels. We will focus on supporting enterprises participating in the prevention and control of the epidemic, help enterprises hit by the epidemic to overcome temporary difficulties, give full play to the power of inclusive finance, and do our best to win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic."