A letter of thanks to Hanhua from Liangjiang New District

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On February 25, the party working committee and the administrative committee of Liangjiang New District in Chongqing sent a thank-you letter to Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and its Hanhua Guarantee Co., Ltd. for their support and assistance during the epidemic.

The letter reads, "In this battle against disease, how sincere and kind-hearted of you people to generously donate money and help us with all your efforts. We have received materials, enjoyed the convenient procurement channels, and several letters of condolence from you. You are selfless, showing strong patriotism and social responsibility."

As the leading private group company of inclusive finance in China, Hanhua Financial Holding has always been insisting on goodness, rooting in the real economy and serving small, medium and micro enterprises. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Hanhua Financial Holding actively implemented the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and immediately set up the epidemic prevention leading group headed by Zhang Guoxiang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board, to coordinate and deploy the work relating to epidemic prevention and control. Hanhua Financial Holding, the subsidiary Hanhua Guarantee, Hanhua Microcredit and Chongqing Fumin Bank, a bank affiliated to Hanhua Financial Holding, have donated RMB 5 million to support the epidemic prevention and control.

The small, medium-sized and micro enterprises are operating with small capital and have a weak anti-risk capability, so they are the group that need financial support the most currently. Several surveys have shown that most small and micro enterprises cannot operate for more than three months with their own funds. Under the unified leadership of the party committee of the group company, institutions affiliated to Hanhua Financial Holding have worked together with more than 140 key enterprises in industrial chain, commercial banks and other partners to formulate and unveil a series of special measures to help small, medium-sized and micro customers tide over the difficulties together to resume work and production in order as soon as possible and develop normally.

For customers whose loan contracts will be overdue within three months, Hanhua Guarantee, as an inclusive financing guarantee company with the higher guarantee balance of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, will start an early response mechanism, fully communicate with the cooperative banks, and assure high-speed approval to ensure the renewal of loans and insurance for customers. In addition, Hanhua Guarantee will provide a loan of RMB 20 million at most for the emergency guarantee financing needs of drug supply enterprises, medical device production enterprises and transportation logistics companies participating in epidemic prevention. And, Hanhua Guarantee will also moderately reduce financing guarantee conditions and lower charging standards to support enterprises' financial needs. Hanhua Guarantee will reduce its guarantee rate by 0.5%-1% for industries seriously affected by the epidemic, such as enterprises in Hubei and other severely afflicted areas, accommodation, catering, logistics, transportation and other industries affected by the epidemic severely, and enterprises participating in the research and development and supply of key-point materials for epidemic prevention and control.

There are 30,000 micro-enterprise customers and individual business customers of Hanhua Microcredit. For nearly 10,000 customers of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), accommodation, catering, logistics and transportation industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic, Hanhua Microcredit has unveiled the measure of "self-determined repayment in first quarter" that the customers could adjust their repayment schedules flexibly according to the actual operation. What is more, Hanhua Microcredit has also arranged special funds for temporary fund needs of customers who have already loaned.

As of February 26, Hanhua Guarantee and Hanhua Microcredit have approved applications for the adjustment of repayment period, guarantee and loan renewal and new guarantee and loan for nearly 10,000 small, medium-sized and micro customers, involving 300,000 posts, to make financial contributions in the fight against the epidemic.