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  • Talent Philosophy

    Talent Philosophy

    Join Hanhua to Make an Outstanding Career

  • Compensation and Benefit

    Compensation and Benefit

    We intend to provide employees with comprehensive, competitive and sustainable compensation and benefit

  • Talent Development

    Talent Development

    Employees are the core "capital" of an enterprise

Talent concept

Join Hanhua to Make an Outstanding Career

  • Join Hanhua to Engage in Inclusive Finance

    Talents are the driver of Hanhua's sustainable development as well as our core "capital". With respect for and confidence in our employees as the lasting philosophy, Hanhua has been striving to build a healthy and harmonious working environment, as well as a platform for outstanding talents to realize their career dreams.

    Hanhua upholds credit-oriented moral principles, simple interpersonal relationship, and a happy working atmosphere, to encourage the continuous staff growth together with company development.

    After a decade of accretion, we have recruited various types of financial talents with overseas studying experience in the U.K., U.S.A, Russia and Australia, and experts from renowned financial institutions and companies at home and abroad into our executive management. With talents of all the businesses from domestic and foreign institutions and offices, we formed a young and vigorous team of professional managers. We hope that, every member of Hanhua is able to start their own growth as an "inclusive financer" that can bring warmth to others and colorful experience to themselves, as well as their own "career of excellence in inclusive finance".

  • HR Vision

    To realize the dreams of the Company and staff and the value of HR management.

  • HR Mission

    Select, train and transmit eligible talents for the development of inclusive finance;
    Fully build a learning organization, and keep pursuing innovation and excellence;
    Strengthen communication and inspiration to build an effective team with both integrity and ability;
    Keep optimizing HR system to effectively support business development;
    Promote the joint growth of both the organization and employees, to become a reliable strategic partner.

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Questions & Answers

  • FAQs

    Are non-2020 graduates able to apply for the campus recruitment?

    This round of campus recruitment is targeted at those who graduate between August 1, 2019 and July 31, 2020. Meanwhile, non-2020 graduates are welcomed to follow our official WeChat account for the updated information of social recruitment and intern needs.

    Are applications for multiple positions acceptable?

    You can apply for three intended positions in according with your major and career pursuit and make revisions before your resume being further processed.

    Is there internal referral in Hanhua and how to engage in?

    We encourage you to ask Hanhua employees around for internal referral. You can leave your name, phone number and email to any of our employees ready to recommend you, and I'm sure all the employees in Hanhua are happy to do you such a favor.

    How to check my application status?

    Please pay close attention to your SMS and email, and keep your mobile phones working; of course, you can check the process on your personal page of online application.

    How to decide the interview site? If I'm in Beijing, is it possible to engage in the interview in Shanghai?

    You can choose interview sites in your application. Apart from interviews in job locations, we also set up seven interview sites across the country (in Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Harbin, Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing), where you can engage in interviews for all our vacant positions.

    Why so many tests? Do I have to finish all of them?

    Five of our group brands engage in the campus recruitment, and each of the five values different qualities. If you've made applications for different brands, we suggest you finish all the tests required.

    I've submitted my resume, and do I need to attend the recruitment presentations?

    We sincerely invite you to our recruitment presentations, where not only will you get the latest news about the company and the industry, listen to the sharing of outstanding seniors and get recruitment tips, but it is said you can also have a better interview chance on the presentations.

    What about the pays packages and benefits?

    We offer staff quarters or residence allowances for fresh graduates and free meals too. Moreover, you will also receive holiday gift packs, gift money and financial support, health insurance and free working suits. Join us and various kinds of staff activities are waiting for you!

  • Resume Submission

    How to submit my resume and apply for positions?

    You can log into the "Campus Recruitment" module on our official website for this purpose or follow our official WeChat account, and check information of positions for 2020 graduates on the [Campus Recruitment] page. After that, you can choose intended positions and click Apply to submit your resume. We will inform you about the results of all stages, from application to offer sending, by means of telephone, SMS or email. When submitting the resume, please check position requirements and qualifications carefully, and apply for suitable vacancies accordingly, to increase chances of being approved.

    Do I also need to apply on a PC terminal, after having submitted my resume on a mobile terminal?

    You can submit your resume on the [Campus Recruitment] page of our official WeChat by using a mobile terminal. Meanwhile, you are also recommended to complete your information on a PC terminal.

    Can I make revision to my resume or position application, when the resume has been submitted?

    Before your resume being further processed, you can make revision to your resume or position application. Please be sure to double-check your information such as telephone number and email address, so that we can contact you as soon as possible when necessary.

    Does the campus recruitment have any restriction on the degree, school or major of applicants?

    While the degree, school and major are part of our consideration, the overall quality and potentials of applicants are more important. These include learning capability, logical thinking, and teamwork skills. However, positions related to engineering, R&D, finance, legal service do require certain education background. See job descriptions on our official website or the [Campus Recruitment] page of our WeChat account for details.

    If I miss the deadline for online application of autumn campus recruitment, is there any other channel to participate in it?

    If you miss the deadline of online application, please contact us. We will give you feedback as soon as possible.

  • Test

    Do all applicants of all positions need to complete the test? Can we be free from the test?

    The test is required, as it is a critical step for resume screening. Your test score will be an important indicator of our assessment. Please take the test seriously.

    What should I do if I do not receive any test information or email, after registering and submitting my resume?

    Upon completion of the application, the system automatically sends out a test email. Please pay attention to email notification in your mailbox. Make sure that the email address in your resume is correct and check the spam and mail archives, for the test email can be misjudged as a spam and filtered.

    When should the test be completed?

    Please complete the test within 15 days after you receive the test link. The test lasts for 45 minutes. Please choose a time period when you can complete it without being interrupted.

    Is there anything I need to pay attention to during the test?

    For the test to proceed smoothly, please use the Google Chrome browser.

    What should I do if the test is interrupted by unexpected issues (e.g., network disconnection, power failure)?

    The test system saves the answer every three minutes. If you log out unexpectedly, continue your test by clicking the link in the email or SMS. By default, it accepts unexpected interruptions of five times at most, and more interruptions will result in failure to continue the test. For special situations, please call our service hotline for the test system, or contact us via email, as soon as possible.

    I have done the test once when applying for summer internship. Do I need to do the test again for the autumn campus recruitment?

    Yes. Please complete it as soon as possible after receiving the test link.

  • Interview

    What should I do if I am unable to take the interview for some reasons? Can I apply for a video interview?

    Please inform us when receiving the interview notification and contact our HR staff in a timely manner to check if it is possible to change the time of interview. Our HR staff will give you feedback according to the situation of interviews of all positions. The first round of interview is a group interview and cannot go online. Please check the interview information at all sites in advance.

    Is there any change in this year's interview procedure?

    Generally, the interviews will be no more than four rounds. However, interviews will be made based on the specific situation of each position.

    When can I receive the interview result?

    We will give you feedback after the interview as soon as possible. Please check your SMS and email in time and keep your phone working, while waiting for the notification patiently.

  • Offer Sending

    If the Company decides to hire me, when can I receive the official notification and sign the employment agreement?

    In all cities, we will sign a tripartite agreement with those who we intend to hire, after the final interview. The official labor contract will be signed when they graduate and are ready to join us.

    When can I join the Company if I accept your offer?

    The date of joining is in July, 2020, on condition that you have confirmed to accept the offer. For those who graduate early, our HR staff will communicate with them about the specific date of joining.